Every Patient Is Unique

When you choose to come to Buehnen Watch to begin your recovery journey, it’s important that you realize your treatment plan may not be the same as anyone else’s. No two people will have the same reason for relying on opiates and developing an addiction. You need a treatment plan meant for you, and if you have any questions or requests at any point, we are here to listen to you.

You Are Not Alone – Opiate Addiction Could Happen To Anyone

At the same time that you are an individual with a unique mental and physical makeup and treatment needs, there are many people that have had a similar experience to you. Millions of Americans are affected by opiate use every year. For some, that will turn into an addiction. For others, opiates will be what they use to manage their pain during recovery, and they will never have to deal with an addiction.

Why you are affected so strongly by opiates is a question you will be able to answer by the time you leave this facility. Having clarity about your habits and personality is key to a successful recovery and managing your addiction for life.

There Are Alternatives To Opiates – Your Life Can Be Pain-Free Without Them

Opiates don’t work the same for everyone. Depending on your brain chemistry, they might not do a thing for you- or your brain might respond in a way that turns into a chemical addiction or leads to emotional dependency. However this happens, you should know that you have other options.

These options could be chemical. Sometimes prescription intervention is the only option. But there are also other types of therapy that may be started during addiction recovery and continued throughout your life.

There Is More To An Addiction Than The Drug Itself

Addictions happen because, for whatever reason, we felt that we needed to fix something with drugs. It could be legitimate health or emotional injury, problem, or illness. However, this situation that caused you to take these drugs likely still exists and will have to be dealt with.

In recovery, you will need to learn to deal with these and other similar issues that may cause you to relapse or develop a secondary addiction. This is why multiple types of therapy and treatment are offered and used for each patient. Every technique we provide you will allow you to discover why opiates affected you the way they did and what other options you have when it comes to managing your chronic pain.