Care In The Clinic


Care At Buehnen Watch

Within the Buehnen Watch treatment center, patients will find a safe and structured environment. Your days will be full but not rushed. You will have some freedom to manage your treatment program, with the help of our trained clinicians and staff. However, your first week or few weeks will likely follow a specific routine.

The routine our patients follow has been designed to keep stress levels low. It also makes the addiction recovery process as comfortable as possible. Over the course of your stay, we’ll help you learn to manage your addiction or addictions. This means determining what triggers addictive behaviors. It also means developing a support network and identifying alternatives to drug or alcohol abuse to help you live a full life.

Daily Life At The Buehnen Watch Facility

On a day-to-day basis, you can expect your time to be split into three periods. First, in the morning, you will have breakfast and attend meetings. In the afternoon, each patient has one or more therapy sessions. These will include individualized therapy and treatment and may also include group sessions or family therapy. Additional programs are available in the evenings, or you may use that time to rest or develop new your new skills.

However, you decide to spend your time here, know that there are support staff members ready to answer any of your questions whenever you feel a little lost. Further, if you ever feel a treatment isn’t right for you, let us know. We have alternatives available.

Alternative Therapies

At the Buehnen Watch drug addiction treatment center, we realize that every patient has different needs. Some people respond well to group therapies, others require more individualized and creative treatment options. We are proud to say that due to our unique treatment philosophy, we offer more programs than you might expect. These include art therapy, exercise programs, and neurofeedback treatments.