About Founder


Why I Decided To Open A Private Drug Treatment Center

When I was young, I watched from the sidelines as my older brother struggled with an addiction to opiates. The pain killers were prescribed for only a few weeks after an operation he had needed to undergo following an accident at his workplace.

During those two short weeks, my brother developed a dependency. He still needed them and his doctor continued to prescribe them for months. When they stopped, my brother found other ways to get what he felt he needed, even though the physical pain had subsided. Eventually, with the support of my parents and I, my brother got help, learned to manage his addiction, and even graduated from university with his original class.

As I grew up, this experience stayed with me. I wanted to do for others what the clinicians working at that treatment center had done for my brother and our family. I wanted to create a treatment center that would improve the lives of others struggling with addiction, as well as their families.

Opening The Buehnen Watch Treatment Center

After graduating from university myself, I discussed this dream with my brother. He helped me decide that opening up state of the art, private drug abuse treatment center was worth it. This was something I was determined to accomplish.

In order to make my dream a reality, I had to leave Germany. It was difficult to leave my friends and family behind. However, I knew that by doing so and by opening the kind of treatment center I knew I could create, I would make a lasting impact on the lives of many others who need help.

Now that the Buehnen Watch drug Treatment Center is up and running, I feel like my dream is well on its way to becoming a reality. The more people we manage to help and the more families we assist in rebuilding, the more confident I become that this was the right choice.